10 Best Youtube Channels for Class 10th

best youtube channel for class 10th

If you are a Class 10th Board student, it is very important to focus on your class 10th very well. A good way of doing so would be via YouTube. YouTube provides the best quality education at no cost. And In this blog, I will share the 10 best YouTube channels for class 10th.

1) Physics Wallah Foundation

Physic Wallah Foundation Channel is dedicated to providing high-quality learning content for the 9th and 10th.

The focus of their channel is on Class 9th and 10th students of the CBSE Board. They use the latest technology to bring you high-quality learning content of CBSE Board Hindi, English, Maths, Science and Social Science Subjects.

They have a team of dedicated tutors who are able to provide quality education. They teach students according to the CBSE Syllabus and paper pattern. Physic Wallah Foundation Channel also provide marathon sessions a few days before examination to check your learnings.

2) Magnet Brains

Magnet brains Channels is dedicated to provide 100% Free online education from kindergarten to 12th. If you have a lot of time for your board exam preparation. I would suggest you go with Magnet Brains as they provide very details knowledge with enough practice.

3) Vedantu

Vedantu is also one the famous educational channel for classes 3rd to 12th. They don't only teach school syllabus. They teach coding, NTSE preparations, NEET, JEE and etc but in paid course. Their faculties provide the best teaching experience with enjoyment in the class.

4) EduHap (Edumantra)

EduHap is one of the best channels for quick revision of chapters. If have your exams where near you can have a quick revision of your chapter in just 1 to 2 hours. Eduhap also provides guidance to students to excel in their board exams with their premade strategies.

5) Apni Kaksha 9th and 10th

Apni Kaksha is an educational channel founded by Aman Dhattarwal. Well, Currently Apna Kasksha is currently a growing channel. And their faculty's explanations are very well. You can try Apni Kaksha 9th and 10th

6) Padhle Tenthies

Padhle Tenthies is also a growing channel in the educational sector. They provide class 10th CBSE Board Syllabus content. Their one-shot lecture is best because they also provide PYQ questions and their notes are very helpful one day before the examination.

7) Dear Sir

Dear Sir the best channel for English Grammer and Mathematics. The teacher's teaching skills are just awesome you will not find any difficulty in maths and English grammar after preparing from Dear Sir. There is no competitor near Dear Sir(13 Million Subscribers) for English Grammer at the School level.

8) Social School

Social School is a single man-handed channel of one at only Digraj Sir. He is the best Social Science teacher for most 9th and 10th class students. His content is long but they are just awesome after studying Social Science from him all topics will be crystal clear and you can score very good marks in Social Science.

9) Bhai Ki Padhai

Bhai Ki Padhai is one of the famous English Literature teacher among students because he taught the whole chapter of English in just 10 to 15 minutes with all points covered. So, students love to watch the Bhai Ki Padhai video one day before the examination.

10) Green Board

Green Board is the best channel for NCERT Mathematics Solution. He taught each question in NCERT Mathematics books in separate videos. If you find any difficulty in solving any Maths NCERT question you can prefer Green Board for the explanation of the solution.


List of best youtube channel for class 10th

Well, Each channel has its own reputation and teaching skills so it's your choice to choose the best one for you. But I would prefer you to follow the above flow chart for the best channels for each subject.


Which is the Best Youtube Channel for class 10th Social Science?

Social school is the best youtube channel for class 10th Social Science. His teaching style make you a fan of him and you start loving Social Science.

Which is the best youtube channel for english grammer?

Dear Sir is the most famous and loving teacher of English Grammer on Youtube.

Which is the best youtube channel for Class 10th NCERT Mathematics Solution?

Green Board is the best youtube channel for class 7 to 10th NCERT Mathematics Soution.

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