Essay on Global Warming

Essay on Global Warming

Global warming is a word that has been discussed a lot in recent times. A terrible picture of a cataclysm fills the world. What is global warming? Global warming refers to the ongoing increase in the temperature of the air and oceans near the Earth's surface. Human encroachment and uncontrolled activities are on nature and some phenomena that increase the temperature in the Earth's atmosphere. Most of the solar heat incident on the Earth's surface is reflected and dissipated. As a result, the severity of heat does not intensify on Earth. But contrary to the process, some absorb some of the gases and vapours in the atmosphere. Heat-absorbing gases are carbon dioxide, methane and nitric oxide. These are called 'greenhouse gases. These gases stop the reflection of heat from the sun on the Earth. As a result, the Earth's temperature increases. A significant increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has been observed since 1750. This is due to industrial progress. Smoke emitted by industries by burning fuels like diesel and coal is the main cause. Deforestation has caused a huge increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Plants control carbon dioxide levels through photosynthesis. But this possibility is lost due to the indiscriminate destruction of vegetation. The smoke emitted by motor vehicles, which is increasing daily, is increasing the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere exponentially. It is a major source of global warming.

As the amount of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases in the atmosphere increased exponentially, heat from the sun began to absorb more of these gases. As a result, the temperature in the atmosphere started to rise. The heat in the atmosphere began to intensify. If this situation continues, the temperature will increase by more than five degrees Celsius by the end of this century. This is going to have a big impact on the environment. It is endangering the very existence of life on Earth.

Concrete premises also play a major role in increasing the atmosphere's temperature. When refrigerators and ACs work, the gas that spreads into the atmosphere causes cracks in the ozone layer. The ozone layer blocks many of the harmful rays from the sun. It is dangerous for us if they fall on Earth.

Oceans absorb most heat that increases due to global warming. As a result, the ocean water will warm. Ocean water becomes warm up to a depth of 3000 meters. Warming will increase the volume of ocean water. This will cause the water level to rise. The polar regions will warm by ten degrees centigrade. This will cause the glaciers there to melt. With that, the sea level will rise. Major cities of the world will be under the sea.

Global warming will disrupt the climate. It will cause significant changes in the composition of seawater. It will lead to floods, heavy rains and storms. These changes will disrupt the rhythm of cosmic life. This will adversely affect the living conditions. Climate change can be devastating to agriculture. Farmlands will become deserts. Siberia will be the food pantry of the world. Due to climate change, the melting of snow at the source of rivers can threaten even the survival of large rivers. If global warming continues unchecked, the result will be the destruction of the Earth. The world's countries are now prioritizing studies and activities on global warming.

The adverse effects of atmospheric warming on the climate will be dire. Rising temperatures can cause the deterioration of human health. It can cause various diseases and the growth of pathogens. Yellow bile and various cancers will be rampant. Many species will disappear from the Earth. The only way to control global warming is to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Deforestation is a major cause of the increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Plants need carbon dioxide to make starch. They get the gas they need from the atmosphere. As a result, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will be controlled. But man is eliminating these possibilities through deforestation and the destruction of green plants. Subsequently, the quantity of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increases. So we should protect the green plants of the Earth by planting trees. Just avoid uncontrolled deforestation and tree killings.

Seawater micro-organisms that release oxygen are also being destroyed by pollution. Seaweeds and others like land plants play a good role in regulating the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and providing oxygen. Ocean pollution destroys that possibility.

Another cause of increased carbon dioxide levels is vehicle exhaust. The amount of vehicles is increasing day by day. Reducing the use of private vehicles and forcing people to use public transport systems makes it possible to reduce traffic congestion and thereby save the world from destruction to some extent.

Save Earth

Common people are not aware of the danger of global warming. So the public needs to be made aware of this regard. Humankind cannot dispense with industry and comfort. Development and progress cannot be ignored. But to develop and experience all that, you need a good environment, universe and life. The phenomenon of global warming is increasing daily as a threat to rain down fire rains of destruction on life on Earth. If the humanity that created this does not come forward to solve it, the result will be destruction.


What are greenhouse gases (GHG)?

The gases that absorb sunlight i.e. carbon dioxide, methane and nitric oxide are called greenhouse gases.

How oceans affect by Global Warming?

warming will increase the volume of ocean water. This will cause the glaciers there to melt. With that, the sea level will rise.

Major cause of global warming?

Carbon dioxide is the primary cause of global warming.

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