Essay on Importance of Tree

Importance of Tree

Trees take carbon dioxide from the air and breathe fresh oxygen to support our lives. This chakra is created by nature to sustain other living beings. Next, carbon dioxide, inhaled by trees, is one of the greenhouse gases. When released into the atmosphere, these and other greenhouse gases form a layer and trap heat from the sun. As a result, the temperature rises. This causes Global Warming. So planting more trees will clear the air and reduce the effect of global warming.

Trees contribute to a great healthy ecosystem. Animals, insects, birds, and fungi make their homes in trees and create diverse ecosystems. This balanced environment is conducive to human development. Trees produce their food at the bottom of the food chain. They produce their food through a process called photosynthesis and make a significant contribution to the entire ecosystem. Furthermore, trees are a rich source of medicines to cure our diseases.

Trees absorb rainwater and trap it in the ground. This will prevent the pure water from getting wasted in the sewer. They also act as water sheds and slowly capture flood water for a short period before releasing it into the land and atmosphere. Hence, they maintain the water base of an area and provide us with a water bed. The root system of trees is so well prepared by nature that it washes groundwater during rains and prevents landslides and soil erosion from floods.

Importance of Tree

Trees provide us with clean air, water, and food. Its greenness and freshness also act as stress relievers for us. It gives a positive vibe to the atmosphere. Trees provide cool shade in both summer and monsoon. Children have better memory even if there are green trees around them. Patients recover easily when exposed to greenery. There are many other things that a tree can offer us for a better life.

Trees produce fruits and medicines that are exported to many countries, thus contributing to economic growth. Planting plants and selling their produce earns people a living. Trees provide wood and paper. It also acts as a natural cooling agent in summer, thus reducing AC bills and keeping the environment pristine.

Trees are very important in our life and they provide an integral service to the environment. We have not protected them in any way and that is why today we are suffering from global warming, severe pollution, and other side effects of deforestation. Trees need to be treated well and nurtured well in order for humans to survive on this planet. We should encourage others to plant more trees. This is for our own development and the sooner we understand this the better.


what is the importance of tree?

Our life depends on trees and plants. Trees give us many things for free but they are very valuable. Medicines, air and fuel etc. Books are also made from the wood of trees and plants.

what is the benefits of tree?

Trees provides a clean environment. Tree plantations make our environment free from natural calamities like earthquakes and floods and human calamities like pollution.

which is the largest tree in the world?

The General Sherman is the largest tree in the world (1,487 cubic meters).

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