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Technology and communication have become a necessity in our society. Everyone has to communicate with someone daily, and for entertainment, most of us rely on the radio; after that, television was our main source for interacting globally, but when the mobile phone entered the arena, things changed; mobile made our work multiple times easier and gave us a new door to success; they have a whole range of prices today’s time and a maximum number of people can afford it too. We make it in use to fulfill our work, and few of us make it their life. For different people, the perspective towards mobile phones may vary; some think it advanced us, and some think we lost our culture because of mobile phones.

Mobile phones as a necessity

The most important feature of a phone is communication; the landline system changed drastically after the entry of mobile phones into the market at early-stage communication had only one meaning, “talking to someone,” but now there are plenty of social media platforms available where we can communicate easily just by using our phones. There are various devices available on which we can use social media, but mobile phones are short in size; one can easily take it with them and use them whenever they want. Sharing of data is also very easy on mobile phones. Now we don’t have to rely on the medium; we have the whole network in a single small device, which makes the difference.

The mobile phone also provides various chatting features, which makes interaction easier. Now, mobile phones are the main source of entertainment, and people check their phones when they wake up; this shows how mobile phones impact several people’s lives. Not only for entertainment purpose mobile phones are also used in setting remainder and making notes which helps you to improve your life and make your work more efficient. Finding any location, booking any kind of seat or having any ticket was very hard but, with the help of mobile phone, they became a work of few clicks, and bank transactions have become easy now; we can fill out any form on mobile, and they are also not too costly. The use of mobile phones in the proper way can make a significant change in our life.

mobile phone as a bad habbit

The dark side of mobile phones

A mobile phone is an open window from where you can see everything. Mobile is becoming part of our life, and most people are getting addicted to mobile phones; only entertainment is not the purpose of a phone, but nowadays, mobile has become a constant distraction for youth the crucial time that should be spent in the right direction is wasted in the mobile phone the continuous attachment to phone divides you from social life. It makes you an inside person with instant emotion; instead of working hard to achieve something big, we use mobile phones because they provide instant pleasure.


We used to spend a lot of money on our mobile phone, which is useless; the ongoing expenses of mobile phones is becoming a part of our life. Mobile phones do not take rest they work continuously since they are machines, but humans who are using them get a major impact; using a phone constantly can give us medical problems, depression, and anxiety, and the radioactive rays come out of the phone can severely damage our body function. Mobile phones are also a major problem of accidents; using mobile phones during driving is one major reason for the increased rate of accidents. Since mobile phones are easily available and there is no restriction, it has become the reason behind youth crime. We do not know what kind of content a kid consumes, and the major problem is that we have made mobile phones our reality, which can be seen in our every action. The mobile phone made families apart and made communication more textual other than vocal.



Mobile has changed the whole system of technology and social life. We use mobile phones for various purposes, from entertainment to education. Many students are getting quality education because of phones, and many are destroying their identity. Today mobile phones are the main source of gaining knowledge and sharing knowledge globally, but we cannot forget mobiles are a major distraction for youth. Without phones, our life will be harder but don’t make it your life. Mobile phone is made to make life easier to grow yourself, not to misuse them and consume inappropriate content. Before using a mobile phone, remember that much use of anything is harmful. Use mobile phone to get a better habit that will enhance your personality don’t make mobile your habit.


when was mobile phone introduced?

The first handheld cellular mobile phone was demonstrated by John F. Mitchell and Martin Cooper of Motorola in 1973.

What is the name of first smartphone?

The IBM Simon

how mobile phone affect our health?

Cell phones emit low levels of non-ionizing radiation when in use but, "there is currently no consistent evidence that non-ionizing radiation increases cancer risk in humans.

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