Essay on save the Environment

Essay on save the Environment

Environment is very important in everyone's life. But on Environment Day everyone is limited to sharing messages about the greatness of the environment. If we do our best to protect the environment every day, we will provide a better environment and a better environment for the coming generations.

Everyone celebrates their birthday in a grand manner. Some spend thousands and buy gifts. Others spend lakhs. If a plant is planted in the neighborhood on their birthday, that plant will grow big for your next birthday and make you feel good. The environment is pleasant and beautiful only if the surroundings are green.

Trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen Apart from the city, even in the villages, poisonous gases and radiation is being released in excess. Greenery is the solution to survive all these, Trees increase oxygen content, reduce pollution, and indirectly help in rainfall.

Since ancient times, our culture has given great importance to trees and greenery. Therefore, when the festival comes, the porches and doorsteps are decorated with banana branches, neem leaves, and mango leaves. By tying banana leaves to the doorstep, pollution is prevented from entering the house.

Ayurvedic science says that the neem tree has many benefits. Worshiping the neem tree is called superstition. But as long as the same neem tree is there, it provides shade, Ayurvedic medicine, fresh air, and oxygen to many people.

Human greed is the root cause of increasing Pollution. Luxury life leads to the cutting down of many trees. Furniture, medicine, and rubber can be made from trees. Elders say that if one tree is cut, five plants should be planted, But they are cutting the trees and leaving without planting a single plant.

Just like the human body, the atmosphere needs balance. Nevertheless, man is not making any effort to maintain that balance. Moreover, knowingly or unknowingly, they are spoiling the current balance. Unsystematic use of resources at will, pollution, buying things whether or not they are needed, and wasteful habits increase the pressure on the environment. What can still be done to save the environment? People need to be made aware of what not to do. In the wake of the coronavirus, the environment is now shaking. Once the lockdown is lifted, the situation will again turn miserable. Vehicles and industries will start, and the process of destroying the environment will start again.

Essay on save the Environment

We need to protect our environment. Preserving our natural energy is important because it sustains us. There are many ways to save our environment. The first is to reduce pollution levels. Since the smoke emitted by vehicles causes much pollution, using natural gas as fuel for cars can reduce smoke emissions. Battery-powered automobiles are also environmentally friendly. We can also use solar energy to save our natural resources. Solar energy is renewable and does not cause pollution.

We should avoid dumping waste and factory residues in water. A program like Namami Gange aims to clean rivers and promote a healthy environment. It is essential to be responsible and do our part in protecting our environment.

Nature protects us and punishes us if we cross our boundaries. Currently, forests are burning here and there, Antarctic ice is melting, tsunamis are coming, earthquakes are coming, ponds are drying up, and there is a reduction in the rain. These are all environmental warning signs. So it would help if you protect the environment, and it will protect you.


What is environment?

Environment is the environment around which we live.

What are the major types of environmental pollution?

Water pollution, air pollution and noise pollution

When is World Environment Day?

Every year June 5 is celebrated as World Environment Day.

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