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Social Media

social media is used by 4.48 billion people globally; if we go some decades back, there was no use of social media; everyone has a social life they interact with each other, but after social media platforms, people became more dependent on social media for their social life, they make friends on it they spent hours on it and almost made themselves addicted to it. Still, the question is what made social media so famous among people, and how is it valuable and dangerous for our youth?

What is social media?

Social media is a collective term used for various websites. On social media, people interact, communicate and share their thought privately or among different people publicly. Social media user numbers have also continued to grow over the past 12 months, with 227 million new users joining social media since last year. More than seven new users every single second. Today’s network speed is too fast; immersive companies like Facebook provide various profits.

How social media helps us to grow?

Social media plays a crucial role in connectivity. Even people with no friends can make a million friends just by using social media. We can share our state of mind in just one click. Social media has connected 5 billion people globally; isn’t it amazing? Social media also made it easier for people to get charity for noble causes. It also plays a tremendous role in providing education today; education is very costly it is tough to get quality education at a reasonable price. Still, social media made it possible for various people globally to teach on social media and provide their precious knowledge to the maximum student they can reach. We can get all the updates of the world just because of social media. Many people share information daily, making it the hub of information. On social media, we do not judge a person by his community and personality; it is just nature that matters; hence, social media connects a community. This is not enough for growing companies’ social media plays a crucial role in bringing traffic to their website and showing their product globally to 4.48 billion people in just one click. Social media has increased opportunities for long-distance business and may increase domestic GDP levels. Social media presents new opportunities and will continue to grow in the future.

Impact of social media on individuals

Besides all the advantages, social media also have some significant flaws. It is not wrong to say that social media affects the youth vigorously. Most individuals make social media their reality; Yes, social life is good, but it is not real people use to create fake accounts on social media to abuse them in the comment section; they are unaware that one comment can affect a person’s next step. That’s why social media is making people depressed. Social media affects not just affect a person mentally but also physically. Most people are addicted to social media; they are using social media day and night, spending hours; more time spent on social media can lead to cyberbullying, social anxiety and depression. Exposure to content that is not age-appropriate can be caused by social media. Not everyone earns from social media, but they spend their crucial hours on it. Being addicted to the social life of social media made people away from their families. People often judge another person on social media, and this person makes their image according to them, but why? Social media is made for communication, not for disgracing someone and making their life regretful just because of a few comments. We should be careful and joyful while using social media.

Social Media


Social media is used as interactive media where we communicate, but we forget that our every reaction can affect others’ emotions. Social media provides a platform to advertise and reach millions of people, but millions are also wasting their time just scrolling. The content on social media can be informative as well as offensive. Social media is used for entertainment, but it affects the mind o the youth and makes them depressed. Interacting with people is good, but being addicted to social media people Foregate to interact with their own families. People are sharing their personal information online with someone they don’t know personally without knowing that someone can use this information to destroy their life. 4.48 billion people are using social media, but we have to ask how many are earning from them and how many are just wasting time.


When social media started?

Probably the first recognizable social media site created in 1997

What was the first social networking site?

Six Degrees is widely considered to be the very first social networking site.

Who created social media?

Andrew Weinreich.

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