Essay on the rainy season

Essay on the rainy season

The rainy season, known as monsoon, occurs at the end of June and continues till September. It comes after the end of the burning summer season. It's raining time; The sky is usually cloudy throughout the rainy season. Rivers and lakes that have lost water due to rapid evaporation due to heat are replenished.

Animals are also active during the rainy season. This is the season that farmers look forward to, as the rains are the saving grace for their crops. However, the season has the potential to cause large-scale destruction if preventive measures are not taken. Floods, hurricanes, storms, and other water-related natural disasters usually occur during the rainy season.

Rainy months

The people of the Indian subcontinent call the rainy season ' monsoon.' Also, this season lasts about 3 to 4 months in India. Moreover, the duration of the rainy season is not fixed in different countries and geographical regions. Some places, such as tropical rainforests, receive rain throughout the year.

Importance of rainy season to nature

The rainy season is a beautiful season for all of us. Generally, it starts in July and ends in September. It comes after summer. It brings new hope and life to creatures that may have died from the summer sun's heat. Natural and cool rain of this season provides ample relief through the water. All ponds, rivers, and streams are filled with water dried up by the heat. Hence, it gives new life to aquatic life. It also brings back green to gardens and lawns. It gives a new attractive look to the environment. But, sadly, it only lasts for three months.

Importance of monsoon for Indian farmers

The rainy season is of great importance to Indian farmers, who need a lot of water to grow their crops. Farmers usually make pits and ponds to collect rainwater for further use in the fields. The rainy season is a godsend for farmers. They worship the rain god, then if it doesn't rain, they are finally blessed by the rain. The sky looks overcast, with white, brown, and dark black clouds running here and there in the sky. Running clouds contain a lot of rainwater, which rains when the monsoon comes.

Essay on the rainy season

Advantages and Disadvantages of Rainy Season

Monsoon is one of the four major seasons in India. It comes every year after summer especially in the month of July and ends in September. When monsoon occurs, clouds in the sky cause rain. In summer it is very hot and water from, water bodies like ocean, rivers etc evaporates and rises in the sky. The vapors accumulate in the sky and form moving clouds during the rainy season when the monsoon blows and the clouds collide with each other. Thunder, lightening and then rain begins.

Advantages of rainy season

Rainy season is loved by everyone as it provides a lot of relief from the scorching heat. It removes all the heat from the environment and makes everyone feel cooler. It is helpful for plants, trees, grasses, crops, vegetables etc. to grow properly. It is also an auspicious season for animals, as it provides plenty of green grass and small plants to graze on. And finally we get fresh milk of cow or buffalo. Every natural resource like river, pond, lake is filled with rain water. All birds and animals are happy to have enough water to drink and grow. They are laughing, singing and flying high in the sky.

Disadvantages of rainy season

When it rains, the road, the project ground, the playgrounds all become waterlogged and muddy. So, we face a lot of problems in playing everyday. Without proper sunlight, everything in the house starts to smell. Due to the lack of proper sunlight, the risk of spreading infectious diseases (such as viral, fungal and bacterial diseases) increased to a great extent. During the rainy season, muddy and contaminated rainwater mixes with the main source of underground water, thus increasing the risk of digestive disorders. If there is too much rain during the rainy season, there is a risk of flooding.

After all, everyone likes rainy season. Green is seen everywhere. Plants, trees and vines get new leaves. Flowers begin to bloom. We get a great chance to see a beautiful rainbow in the sky. Sometimes the sun goes in and sometimes it comes out so we see the sun peeking through. Peacocks and other forest birds spread their wings and start dancing in full swing. We enjoy the whole rainy season with our friends at school and at home.

Rainy season is undoubtedly the most pleasant and essential season of the year, especially for a country that considers agriculture as its economic backbone. The season replenishes the supply of naturally occurring fresh water and revives life on the planet. Water is essential to life on Earth, and a good amount is provided by rainfall during the wet seasons.


what is the meaning of monsoon?

The word Monsoon is derived from the Arabic word “Mausam” which means season.

when does rainy season occur?

Generally, it starts in the month of July and ends in September.

Advantages of rainy season!

» It removes all the heat from the environment and makes everyone feel cooler. It is helpful for plants, trees, grasses, crops, vegetables etc. to grow properly. It is also an auspicious season for animals.

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