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Water is the most important thing that humanity has in life. We as humans need a lot of water to survive and even survive without water for three or four days which shows us how important it is. Some surveys have found that humans can only survive for about half a month without water, which is proportionally less than what we would be able to do without food. They have also found that women need more water than men, and children also need more water than adults.

Water is the most important thing that humanity has in life.

We as humans need a lot of water to survive and even survive without water for three or four days which shows us how important it is.

If you go out of your house without any water, then you will die so quickly because your body cannot live without any liquid at all. You will feel thirsty and get a headache as well if there is no water available with which we drink then we have to wait until morning comes again with same thirst pain etc.

But if we have water, our body can easily bear the thirst pain, and it will not affect us so much. So, water is the source of life; without it, we cannot survive.

Why should we save water?

One of the many reasons we should save water is that our world is already in danger of drying up. If we continue to waste our precious supply of H2O, no left for future generations will be left.

Water is a renewable resource, but it takes a long time to replenish itself. We have been using more water than nature can produce since about 2000 BC, and it's only been over the last century humans have begun extracting more than half of the earth's available freshwater supply. This means that if we keep using all that we have now and don't start conserving more efficiently – which you can do by taking shorter showers each day – then there won't be enough left over for future generations when they finally arrive on earth.

some ways to save water

Water is the most important thing on earth. It sustains all life, and we must save it for future generations.

We can save water by reusing it by using treated wastewater to irrigate landscapes and gardens instead of using fresh drinking water. This keeps huge amounts of water, reduces demand on wastewater treatment plants, and prevents pollution of our rivers, lakes and oceans.

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Steps that should be taken for water conservation

• Use a water meter to measure how much water you use in the shower, on your lawn and garden, and washing dishes.

• Measure how much water you use when watering plants using a watering can or hose.

• Stop using the tap when brushing your teeth or washing dishes by turning off the main valve inside your home's plumbing system. This will save energy and money.

• Fix leaky faucets by turning off hot water while brushing your teeth or doing laundry, then turn it back on after using only cold water for those purposes (this tip is especially helpful if there are multiple taps).

Fixing leaks in your home's plumbing system is a relatively easy DIY project that doesn't require special tools or skills. If you have a dripping faucet that shouldn't be dripping, you'll want to look for any loose connections within the fixture and tighten them up (or replace them if necessary). You should also check all of your other faucet handles and knobs on sinks and showers—they may need tightening too.


We must all work together to preserve our water supply for the future. We can help by not wasting it, fixing leaks in our plumbing systems, and ensuring that we use only as much water as necessary at home or work. This will help protect our planet from the effects of climate change while also helping us live better lives today.


Why is water important for life?

Our bodies are around 60 percent water, and we can live for only three to five days without fluids.

What is water explain?

Water is a chemical compound composed of two elements—hydrogen and oxygen. Water exists in three different states—gas, liquid, and solid.

What are the 3 main sources of water?

Water sources can include surface water (for example, a lake), ground water (for example an aquifer), and recycled or reused water.

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