The law of universe

observable universe

How everything began?

The universe is too vast and maybe there is no end, not every planet is alike from very long, many scientists are trying to find what does universe looks like is it round or oval in shape. We had seen many pictures of the universe as a sphere on the internet like this —

Observable universe

But this is not true we do not know its shape now; but maybe in the future. So, if we do not know how the universe looks like then how can we predict it's shape? We know that nobody knows or saw the beginning but still, we know some facts and can predict the beginning with the help of space. Many of the celestials found in the the universe tell us about the beginning of the universe and that one thing whose possibility is greatest is a black hole but we will talk about it later as our scientists did; since the search of law of universe was not very fast.

So when did we realize that earth is not the center?

When there was not much science was popular in earlier days people used to believe that the earth is flat and located on the back of a tortoise everyone believed that the sun revolves around our earth and so, but now we know what the truth is, but all this started with statements of many genii. Bertrand Russell one of those gave a lecture in which he told that how earth is orbiting the sun and the sun is orbiting a cluster of stars in our galaxy. Aristotle in his book “heavens” wrote that earth is a sphere he realized that eclipses of the moon were caused by the earth coming between the sun and the moon. The earth’s shadow on the moon is always round, which would be true only if the earth was spherical. But, Aristotle thought that the earth was stationary and that the sun, the moon, the planets, and the stars moved around it in a circular orbit. This idea was elaborated by Ptolemy in the second century A.D. into a complete cosmological model and made some accurate position of heavy bodies in-universe but for this Ptolemy had to do an assumption that the moon followed a path that sometimes borrows it twice closer to the earth (As we know orbits are elliptical, not circular but in Ptolemy’s model orbits are circular so the assumption was more right then the whole statement)

A picture of Ptolemy’s model

Ptolemy’s model

A simpler model is proposed by Nicholas Copernicus in which the sun was stationary and all Planets moved around it in circular orbits Nearly a century passed when this idea was taken seriously then two astronomers —the German, Johannes Kepler, and the Italian, Galileo Galilei—started publicly to support the Copernican theory. nearly in 1609, Galileo began to watch Jupiter with a telescope that was invented nearly, he found that some moon(natural satellite) orbiting Jupiter itself he concluded that every celestial follows the orbit of its own not just orbit around the earth. At the same time, Johannes Kepler modified Copernicus’s model suggesting that the planets moved not in circles but ellipses this prediction finally matched the observation. since Kepler found that planets revolve around in an elliptical manner but he could not reconcile with his idea that the planets were made to orbit the sun by magnetic forces.

An explanation was provided much later when Sir Isaac Newton published his “Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica”, probably the most important single work ever published in the physical sciences. Newton did not just make us know why planets revolve but also gave some complicated mathematics to analyze these motions. Newton postulated a law of universal gravitation which suggests that each body in the universe was attracted toward every other body by a force that was stronger the more massive the bodies and the closer they were to each other, he also make us know why objects fall on earth and the moon revolves around the earth . Finally Copernicus’s model gets rid of Ptolemy’s model and we understand that why stars look stationary since they are just behaving like our sun but farther away. Newton realized that, according to his theory of gravity, the stars should attract each other, so it seemed they could not remain essentially motionless. Would they not all fall together at some point?


Now we know how everything started with a simple view by Bertrand Russell and then Aristotle and then Ptolemy’s model who gave reality to the thought that every celestial revolves around the earth. We also concluded the drawbacks of Ptolemy’s model and how Copernicus’s model was more accurate and reasonable than while a century ago Galileo and Kepler supported it. we found the new Copernicus model by Kepler and when Kepler was unable to explain why planets revolve around the sun then sir Isaac newton gave his law of gravitation explaining this phenomenon. This is all about The law of universe but various extraordinary concepts are not finished yet Newton also has one question and we still do not know why everything is going far from each other.


Earth is in which part of universe?

Earth is located in the universe in the Virgo Supercluster of galaxies.

What is a Megaverse?

Theoreticaly, It is a higher universe that contains multiple universe within it.

What is omniverse?

It is a universe that is spatiotemporally four-dimensional.

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