Paragraph on Computer and Its Importance

Paragraph on Computer and Its Importance


Computers are an integral part of our life. It is almost impossible to imagine a world without the presence of computers in it. The computer has helped us in many ways, such as science, engineering, medicine, etc. They are also used in various fields like education, research, and many more areas where they help us solve problems easily. Computers have made our life easier as they can be used for all sorts of activities, such as communicating with people around the world or even playing games online without any difficulty.

What is a computer?

The computer is an electronic device for storing and processing information; hence it is also known as data processing equipment. The word “computer” comes from Kratos, which means strength and power. It uses binary language 1 or 0 to work properly. All numbers must have these two values associated with them at all times – otherwise, there would not be any way for us humans to tell whether something had been changed or not.

Invention of computer

Charles Babbage, (born December 26, 1791, in London, England—died October 18, 1871, London), was an English mathematician and inventor who is credited with having conceived the first automatic digital computer.

The first computer by charles Babbage

How does a computer work?

A computer works on two states, on and off, represented by 0 and 1, respectively, which are collectively called binary language. Binary language is the language of computers that uses only two digits: 0 (off) and 1 (on). The first widespread use of this system was in 1969 when Douglas Engelbart introduced his NLS computer at Stanford University.

A computer takes raw data as input from the user and processes these data under the control of a set of instructions (called a program) and gives the result (output), and saves work for future use. The input data consists of bits, which represent either 1 or 0. Each bit has a value between 0 and 255, representing a value between 0 and 65,535.

The output is also stored in memory or storage devices such as disks or tapes. Programs are held on disks; when you run them, they're loaded into memory, which can be executed by your computer's processor (CPU). This way, it can perform various operations at a very high speed and accuracy. It has been around since the 1940s and has become more sophisticated. The first computers were huge and expensive, but today's machines are smaller and cheaper to buy than ever before.

Importance of Computers for Mankind

Computers are the most essential and valuable invention of this century. They play a crucial role in our daily lives, as they help us keep track of our routines and get information about anything we want. They also help people communicate with each other and accurately do their work.

Computers have enabled humans to perform tasks that were once thought impossible using machines or robots. You can now use a computer to type up your essays, create documents, read e-mails, etc., without having to leave your home.

Uses of computer

The computer is used in science to design, simulate and analyze data. The computer is also used in engineering to design, build and operate machines. In medicine, it is used for diagnosing diseases, prescribing medications, and monitoring patients' health.


As you can see, computers have become an integral part of our life. Computers are now used in every field of human endeavor, from science and engineering to business and entertainment. Computer scientists have made great strides in understanding the machine to design better systems for people to use. With their wide range of applications, computers will continue to be an essential part of your life and ours for many years.


What was our first computer?

The ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer) was the first electronic programmable computer.

Who created the first general purpose computer?

In 1837, Charles Babbage proposed the first general mechanical computer, with the Analytical Engine.

What is the name of most powerful computer in 2022?

Frontier (United States) Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

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