Paragraph on save the earth

Paragraph on save the earth

Earth is the only planet in the entire solar system where life is possible. In ancient times, people did not engage in destructive activities; therefore, they did not have to worry about pollution and environmental issues. After the population explosion, people started developing cities and industries for a modern lifestyle and an easier life.

For industrialization, people started misusing natural resources beyond the limit. They are engaged in deforestation, which has resulted in increased problems like the extinction of wild animals, pollution and global warming. Holes in the ozone layer, rising sea levels, and melting of ice in Antarctica and Greenland are the adverse effects of global warming. Thus, environmental change signals warning bells for us. In case of protecting the earth, the following are some ways:

    Our environment is constantly degraded due to deforestation, industrialization, urbanization and pollution. It threatens life through global warming and pollution due to carbon dioxide emissions and other greenhouse gases. We need to protect the environment by balancing the natural cycle of our environment.

  • Forests should be increased by afforestation and replanting. Thousands of species and birds have become extinct due to habitat loss. They are essential to balance the food chain in nature.
  • To save the earth we need to bring more big changes in our unnatural life.
  • To maintain ecological balance in the environment, cities should be made eco-friendly.
  • Governments of all countries must work together to bring about global change.

Paragraph on save the earth

What is Earth Day?

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 every year since 1970 to protect the earth under the environmental project. The purpose of starting this project is to encourage people to live in a healthy environment.

Why is the Save Earth campaign necessary ?

There is an urgent need to protect the earth from ever-increasing global temperature, melting of ice in polar regions, increasing tsunamis, floods, droughts, etc. The condition of our mother's body is deteriorating day by day which reduces the chances of living a healthy life. The land is a vital source of all the basic elements needed for survival. Wrong human activities have led to many environmental problems: toxic fumes, chemical waste, and excessive noise.


Popular slogans for the save earth campaign?

» Save Earth, Save Environment and Save Earth, Save Life, these two slogans are very popular for creating awareness among people regarding Save Earth campaign.

When Earth Day is celebrated?

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 every year since 1970 to protect the earth under the environmental project.

What is danger for our earth?

Our environment is constantly being degraded as a result of deforestation, industrialization, urbanization and pollution.

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