5 Personality Development Tips for Students

personality development for students

Personality development plays a crucial role in your success as a student. Regardless of what you will do with the rest of your life, having a good personality is important for everyone especially students. But you may wonder where to start. In this blog, I am going to share 5 tips that will help improve your personality and make you a better student overall.

1. Right Mindset

right mindset

The right mindset is important for personality development because it helps you to think in a positive way.

When you have a positive mindset, you see the world as a place where your dreams can come true. You believe that anything is possible, so when something happens that doesn't go your way, it can be easy to accept the situation and move on. But when you have a negative mindset, it's easy to get angry at the world and blame others for your problems.The right mindset will help you build confidence in yourself, which will help you achieve your goals!

Ways to Build the Right Mindset

  1. The Positive attitude of never giving up
  2. Success = Effort + Consistency
  3. Getting out of your comfort Zone
  4. Developing a Growth-Oriented Mindset
  5. Replace failure with learning

2. Voice Modulation

Voice modulation is one of the most important skills for personality development. It helps us to create our own identity and create a good impression, which makes it easy to connect with your audience.

There are three exercises you can do to improve your voice modulation skills:

a) Read aloud

Choose a paragraph and read it loud and clear. Record your voice and listen to see if you can find any weak points. Do this exercise daily to improve your diction.

b) Chew each word

When you chew your words, speaking slowly, their diction will be correct and their pronunciation will be clear. This will help when you’re speaking on a mic so that your words will be clear and loud!

c) Yawning

Although yawning isn't counted in food manners, practice yawning loudly every day to relax your muscles and help you throw more words! Also, chew gum, do facial expression exercises daily

d) Breathing

Focus on your breathing. Your stomach should be filled with air while deep breathing, hold it and release air. Practice talking from the diaphragm which is the portion between the stomach and chest. If your practice this your voice will not break.

e) Gargle

Fill your mouth with water, do gargle & try to make a sound while keeping the water in your mouth

f) Posture

Keep your posture straight so that the voice comes from the inside and throw your voice is perfect. Always keep your script and eye level while recording. Always keep your head straight and neck upward

3. Personal Appearance and Attire

It's so important to be dressed up, even if you don't have any plans to go out. Take a moment and make sure your outfit is right for the occasion—you wouldn't want to show up at a job interview in a wrinkled t-shirt, would you?

A person is known by his attire and address. Your dressing sense tells a lot about your character. Therefore having good dressing is very important. Don't wear any dress or uniform just because others are also wearing it. Before dressing up, keep these things in mind

a) Fit Dress

Whether you are thin, tall, short, or broad shoulder; You should always wear a dress that suits your body then you can pay attention to the below factors.

b) Image Management

Image management make you continuously evaluate or judge your own personal appearance and you also think of your own appearance in relation to its effect on other

Through your personal appearance, you must show intelligence knowledge and abilities and an effort to find your success

c) Be Neat & Tidy

Your clothes should always be washed and neatly ironed before going out for any occasion

  • Washed & Ironed Clothes
  • Right Fitting clothes
  • Polished Shoes
  • Polished Shoes

4. Body Language

body language

Body language is an important part of Personality Development.

We use our body language to show the world how we feel and what we want. Before we speak, we often show our feelings through various gestures and actions.

Body language includes facial expression, body postures (walking, talking, sitting), and using sign language (hand gestures and eye movement).

Exercise to increase your positive body language

a) Practice your sitting and standing posture

Practice your sitting and standing posture in front of a mirror. When you are standing, keep your hands in sight at all times. When you are sitting down, you should hold them on your lap.

b) Practice walking with your head held high

Wear your heels or shoes, place a book on your head, and practice walking! This will infuse you with self-confidence and allow you to imbibe the habit of walking while looking straightforward. This is very important for self-confidence

c) Art of Making Eye Contact

It's important to make eye contact when speaking with another person. Make it a habit to practice making eye contact with yourself in the mirror. This will increase your self-confidence and will help you to focus on the other person's eyes as you talk

d) Practice being receptive

If you're shy, sit in front of the mirror and practice shaking your head from side to side. Try to speak words like 'hello sir, how are you?'. This will help you to avoid a negative self-image in front of public events

5. Communication

Communication is the most important part of Personality Development. How you communicate is very important to your business and personal life.

Communication is not only about speaking but also listening, understanding, and responding to others. Communication can be done in many different ways, such as writing, speaking, or body language.

Improve your communication skills

1. Avoid filter words

Avoid filtering words too much which talking such as umm, so & ya because it can create a bad impression in front of your audience.

2. Appreciate

To master your communication skills you should develop the habit of appreciation when you like somebody's view


It is important to start personality development as early as possible like when you are a student because after that you need to attract, influence, inspire, and convince people at every point in life.

Personality development is a major time-saver.The better you become, the less time it takes you to achieve your goals


Why is personality development important?

Personality development helps you to be different from the rest of the people and create your own image

What is the right time to start improving my personality?

You should start focusing on your personality development from the student life.

What reflects a good personality?

A man/women with Etiquette,good body language, communication skills, perfect personal appearance and growth oriented mindset is called to be a good personality.

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