Short Essay on Abraham Lincoln

Short Essay on Abraham Lincoln

His name was so influential that he needed no introduction. A hard worker who was eager to improve society with true determination.

Who was Abraham Lincoln?

Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States and abolished slavery and promoted a unitary government. Because of these changes, he is still considered one of America's greatest presidents.

His birth and family

Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809, to Nancy Lincoln and Thomas Lincoln. He belonged to an average family and earned his livelihood by farming. Abraham was the second child of his parents, and he had an older sister, Sarah. He also had a younger brother, but he died soon after birth.

In 1818, Abraham's mother died of a milk-related illness, and they were scattered as a result. He was only nine years old, and his father married a widow with three children. They all began living together, and he considered Abraham, his child.

His education and work

Abraham never went to school, and once he started, it was only for a few months. But he was very fond of studies and decided to study himself. He read books and wrote poems, and books were always his favorite. His stepmother always appreciates him seeking knowledge. He would walk miles to buy a book; such was his determination that even his neighbors admired him.

He wanted to start his career in politics; He faced slavery many times and was a strong opponent. He entered politics for the first time in 1832 and ran for the Illinois General Assembly but was unsuccessful, citing his lack of education, lack of money, and friends as the main reasons behind his failure.

Soon after, he served as New Salem's postmaster in the Black Hawk War, winning 277 seats out of 300. He continued his education without ceasing to self-educate and study. He soon became a lawyer and rendered excellent service.

He helped people with no money, and he would soon become famous among all for his ability to handle any matter. He never asked for more money for anything. Once someone paid extra money, he bought the required amount and returned the extra money. He was indeed a great man; it is not the position that makes a person great; his personality makes a place great.

Short Essay on Abraham Lincoln

How did Lincoln end slavery?

In 1860, it was a time when all of America was on strike; He was elected President of the United States. Some supported slavery, others were ready to form the state, and some were against it. Whites owned large tracts of land in southern states and brought blacks from Africa to work in their fields and enslave them. Meanwhile, the people of the northern states were against it and wanted to end slavery.

America was about to be divided, but Abraham never wanted to do that and strongly opposed slavery. But his decision may affect many.

Soon, there was a division between the people of the North and the South, and Abraham was a part of this war, and it was said, "A nation cannot remain a half free and half slave." He tried his best to persuade the people and finally won this battle. He said that the US Constitution is also based on equality. As a result, the nation was united, and slavery was no longer part of America. However, it took years to digest this fact, but it was declared illegal.


Winning is not easy; You have to fight like iron in the fire to get shape. Lincoln faced many problems, but he always learned from them. No other difficult situation affected him except the death of his son. He fought for his studies, for his career, for love, for the country, for everything. Still, he has never complained to anyone, which greatly motivates us. Even though he was shot dead, he is alive among us today. We can kill a person but cannot kill his thoughts and words.


How many times was Abraham Lincoln elected President of the United States?

2 times Abraham Lincoln was elected President of the United States.

American President who abolished slavery?

Abraham Lincoln

Name of Abraham Lincoln's wife?

Mary Todd was the wife of Abraham Lincoln.

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