What is Input and Output Device

What is input and Output Device

The input device and output device are the two main components of a computer. They connect to the outside world and through that, communicate with each other. So it is essential to understand what input and output devices are to understand Computer.

What is Input Device?

input device example

The input device is the part of a computer or any electronic device that receives data from the user. It is also called an input interface.

Input devices are divided into two categories:

  • Input devices that receive physical data from the user (e.g. keyboard, mouse, trackpad).
  • Input devices that receive information from a machine (e.g. scanner, camera, microphone).

Input Device Example


The keyboard is a device that allows you to type on a computer. It's the most common means of entering text in a computer application. The keyboard was invented by Christopher Latham Sholes in 1878, and it was patented three years later. The first typewriter had only two keys—a carriage return and a carriage return/enter key—but this was soon expanded to 12 keys by the addition of QWERTY. In 1972, the International Standardization Organization (ISO) adopted ASCII as its keyboard standard, which included both the English alphabet and numbers from 0-9.


In computer, the mouse is a pointing device that activates a pointing device. The mouse is used with a keyboard to move the cursor around on the computer screen and select text or images. The term "mouse" also refers to the pointing device itself, as well as its port for connecting to computers.

The history of the modern computer mouse began in the early 1970s when Douglas Engelbart of Stanford Research Institute invented what he called his "mouse". His prototype was powered by a thin piece of plastic membrane attached to an electric coil with a thin wire leading out from the coil into a galvanometer circuit board.

He later developed an improved version called Thud! which used a rubber ball instead of membrane. In 1978, he demonstrated his invention at SRI's Computer Conference in April.


The word webcam came into existence in the year 1855, when it was invented by a man named Joseph Cooke. Before that, people used to communicate with each other via letter writing and telegram. Since then, the internet has brought us many new ways of communicating and sharing information but the biggest revolution one could have ever seen is the invention of webcams. Nowadays, everyone has at least one webcam installed in their homes or offices so that they can easily communicate with their loved ones or colleagues.

What is Output Device?

output device example

An "output device" is a technology that allows you to send data from your computer or mobile device to something else. Mostly, these devices are used in conjunction with a monitor or television screen. You can use an output device to display information on the screen of your computer or mobile device, but it's also possible to connect them directly to speakers and sound systems so that you can hear the output of whatever you're working on.

Output Device Example


Projectors are a type of display device that projects images onto a surface. They are often used in presentations, and they can be used to project movies and other images. Projectors were invented by Thomas Edison in the 1880s. He developed the first projector, which was called a kinetoscope and was a precursor to the movie projector. This invention allowed people to watch films without having to go to theaters or buy tickets.


A printer is a device that uses an inkjet or laser to produce images on paper. Printer was invented in 1835 by Charles Babbage. He named it "difference engine" after Sir Charles Babbage, who invented a mechanical computer. The first commercially successful printing press was built in 1843 by Richard Wallace and Thomas Edison.


Is console an output device?

The console is the text output device for system administration messages.

Is cable a input device?

Cable can be input or output divice. It depends on the purpose of use by the user.

Is all input and outputs divices are hardware?

Input and output divices are type of hardware that makes up the computer system. They are the major part of a computer system.

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