Why Ram navami is celebrated?

Why Ram navami is celebrated

Ram Navami is the festival of Hindu culture; according to Hindu scriptures, lord Rama was born during the Ram navami, and everyone celebrates it as his date of birth. Many people celebrate it by reading Ramcharitmanas, and many sing bhajans do kirtan. A vast crowd arrives in Ayodhya to celebrate Ram navami, but we don't celebrate the birthday of everyone; as a festival, why is Rama Navami celebrated?

Why Ram navami is celebrated?

You can answer this question by questioning yourself. What do you think before going to the birthday of your friend or relative? You may wonder how much you know them .and what your relationship with them is. How do they belong to you, contribute to your life, and what is/her value in your life? This is why Rama Navami is celebrated; this celebration generates curiosity in you to know more about Sri Rama and makes you find all the answers to the questions mentioned above in contrast to Sri Rama. But do you know how lord Rama was born and what is an interesting story hidden behind his birth?

The story behind the birth of Bhagwan Rama:

Lord Dashrath was ruling on the thrown of Ajodhya; the Raghukul Pataka flag was fluttering on the palace under the reign of Dashrath; great prosperity prevailed in the kingdom; the awadhwasis were blessed to be under such a righteous king who was facilitating to them the opportunity to perfect the human life Dashrath had three queen Kausalya Kaikai and Sumitra. Still, he didn't have a child and felt no need to have one either.

Guru of the raghukul was Vasistha. One day guruma Arundhati asked Vasishta who would be the king of Ajodhya? since Dashrath doesn't have any children. Vasishta said, "I have pondered about this myself," Arundhati said, "can you not help him have a child through Vedic sacrifices"? Vasistha answered, "yes, I can, but the problem is that he doesn't want a child; then Arundhati visited Dashrath's palace with her grandson to make Dashrath the need for a child. Arundhati was waiting with the queens, and dasarth came from the courtroom watching guruma Dashrath bowed down his head to offer respect In the meantime, gurauma pinched her grandson and he started crying when Dashrath took his head up he asked why guru putra is crying Arundhati itellegently said that he is crying that vasist is guru of Dashrath whom will I be guru of. Then Dashrath realised the deficiency of his kingdome and wented to guru Vasistha and asked how could you help me to have a child? And the Vasistha said we have to do a yagya and there was one brahmin from the whole bhumandal shringi rishi was called, and he performed the yagya at the end Agnidev him self manifested from the kund with yagya prasad and gave it to Dashrath and said "distribute it to you queens as you wish.

Now the time was flying; the Awadhwasi was already eager to see the fourth children of Dashrath; the excitement started building up until the chair mas arrived one by one day started going by until the Navami tithi arrived on the ninth day. The suya devata was so blessed that god is taking avatar in his dynasty. Now, as the Madhya was approaching, a cool breeze started flowing; suddenly, the angnikunds lit, and brahmin started saying the Gayatri mantra, and as the Suraya riched the Madhya, all of a sudden, the good news came Kausalya's womb became empty. Bhagwan did not manifest in a child form; he manifests in his Chaturbhuj Swaroop Kausalya saw him and said you had to come as my child. You came as my father; how will I think of you as my child? Please hide this form. Bhagwan said I wanted you to know who I am so there is no confusion. He transformed into a little child, and Dashrath came running to Kausalya and said, please give darshan of Bal Rama, and In this way Lord Rama was born.

Bhagwan Rama is not only a god to worship, but he is a personality to follow. There are many habits that we should learn from him; yes, we cannot be great as him, but we can follow his path or way of living life. Today we are going on the wrong path, following bad habits, and almost everyone is addicted to something. Celebrating Ram Navami tells us about our great ancestors and how they faced so many hurdles, overcame them, and finally became the inspiration for us Ramnavami is not just a festival; it is our respect toward a great personality Maryada Pursotam Sri Ram.


Why is Ravana called Dashanana?

Ravana was known as Dashanana because he was Dashagriva or Dashanana (demon with ten heads).

What was the age of Lord Rama when he defeated Ravana

Sri Rama was of age 53 years when he defeated Ravana. Ravana lived more then 12,00,000 years.

How long Lord Rama ruled on Ayodhya?

Lord Rama ruled the kingdom of Ayodhya for 11000 years.

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