Characteristics of Light Part - 2

Characteristics of Light

Light has seven basic properties listed below; all these properties have different characteristics, and we will study them one by one.

Characteristics of Light Part - 1

Characteristics of Light

The word light is used to describe a form of electromagnetic radiation. It travels in waves and has a frequency measured in Hertz (or cycles per second). Light waves are made up of tiny particles called photons

What is a Molecule?

What is Molecule

Molecule is the smallest particle of a pure chemical substance that still retains its composition and chemical properties.

Difference between Meteorite and Asteroid

Asteroid and Meteorite

An asteroid is a large rocky body that orbits the sun. Whereas, Meteorite are tiny particles that burn up in the atmosphere. Meteors are often called shooting stars, but meteors are not stars and UFOs.

Energy of the Light

Energy of the Light

We all know that light is a form of energy that stimulates sight and makes things visible. But light shows many more properties that make us curious to learn more about it; One of those topics is the Energy of Light.